Costume & Accessories

banner photo: hip scarf & zills

Costume & Accessories

Here are a few of my favorite ATS® vendors:

Beckabomb’s Buds: Hair flowers
Belly Stockings: belly stockings
Dark Side Boutique: Lovely tribal jewelry
Diva Dreads: Quality dread falls and custom hair pieces
FCBD®: Cholis, choli dress, Bessie skirt, studio wear, shawls, turbans, Nakarali jewelry, zills, and more
Gypsy Dream25-yard skirts and pantaloons
Irie Tribal Dance Company: 25-yard skirts, pantaloons, cholis
Kae’s Little Trunk: Jewelry
Magical Fashions: 25-yard skirts, tribal bras and belts, and jewelry
Magus Obeiro:
 Wooden Zills
Nishiibo: Tribal earrings
NymphaeByLilly:  Pantaloons
The Red Camel: DIY costuming supplies, vintage tribal jewelry, and textiles
Saroyan Mastercrafts: Zills
Sassybrass: Tunics, leather belts
Shiny Squirrel Clothing & Accessories: 25-yard skirts, pantaloons
Silk Road Tribal: Jewelry, DIY costuming components
StonekettleWooden Zills
Super Natural Flowers: Flower hair clips
Tawapa: High-end organic tribal body jewelry
Tribal Souk: DIY costuming supplies and vintage tribal jewelry
Turquoise International: Zills
The Verdant Muse: Pantaloons, jewelry

Performance Troupe Costume Requirements:

  • Zills
  • 25-yard skirt: I prefer that all beginners start with a solid color skirt from Magical Fashions. Students may layer additional skirts with their base skirt as desired. The Magical Fashions colors to choose from are:

Emerald Green
Olive Green
True Teal
Dark Teal
Royal Blue
Cobalt Blue

  • Cover-up: Veils, assuit, sarongs, pashminas, cloaks, and loose, v-neck dashiki-style dresses work well. Avoid items that are highly see-through and regular robes, but if you have a fancy decorative robe (like an Oriental robe), that would be acceptable.
  • Black top, choli or choli dress
  • Pantaloons (preferably a color and/or pattern that highlights your skirt color) *or* ankle-length black leggings

Optional Performance Troupe Costume Items:

  • Tribal Jewelry
  • Coin Bra or Tribal Body Harness: It’s best to buy a bra and sew coins on it or to buy one in person so that you can try it on. You can also find them in Facebook sale groups. Please consult with me before making the purchase so that I can determine whether the bra has the appropriate aesthetic for our troupe. I also decorate custom bras for students upon request for a reasonable fee.
  • Belly Dance Belt or Kuchi Belt: There are a variety of styles available and you can find them in Facebook sale groups, have one made for you, or make your own. Please consult with me before making the purchase so that I can determine whether the belt has the appropriate aesthetic for our troupe. I also create custom belts for students upon request for a reasonable fee.
  • Hip Scarf: One or more layered over your skirt looks nice! No artificial coins for performance pieces, please. Find them online, at thrift stores, or in Facebook sale groups.
  • Hair Flowers, Hair Sticks, Head Band, etc.: No feathers, please.
  • Belly Cover: Sometimes you can find something that will work at lingerie shops like Cirillas.

I have an extensive collection of inspirational costume photos, DIY belly dance costume projects, hair and makeup tutorials, and much more on my Honey of the Hive Pinterest page. ​