The Tribal Code

The Tribal Code


Be there for your dance sisters. Whether it’s making sure your cues are strong or getting to a gig on time,
​we all need to depend on one another.


Ask questions and learn from the more experienced dancers and teachers. Also, don’t let things fester.
Express yourself in a constructive, respectful way.


Be aware of how your words or actions can affect others. What makes sense to you may be
​understood differently by someone else. Take considerations to think before you speak or act.​


Don’t take things personally! There are too many unique individuals in this group to avoid
​minor misunderstandings. Let things slide off your ego – don’t let things stick!


We all can benefit from going to Level 1 and Level 2 classes and working on technique.
​We can also benefit from allowing room for all our personalities to exist.


This dance form is founded on trust, on and off the dance floor.
​Earn people’s trust and give yours as well.


Treat your fellow dancers (and human beings) with compassionate respect and be mindful of others’
​talents and limitations. Respect the dance form for what it is rather than how you would change it.


Come to the shows of FatChanceBellyDance®​ and of your fellow dancers.
​Not only does it support the dancers, it is a great way to learn about performance!


Dance for the love of it! Enjoy yourself and the company of others.