​What is SOPHIA SEEDs?

SOPHIA stands for Sisterhood, Opportunity, Play, Health, Inspiration, and Actualization, and SEEDs stands for Self-Esteem, Empowerment, and Education through Dance. Designed for adult women ages 18+, SOPHIA SEEDs is an enriching and transformative program that takes a deep look at self-esteem, body image, financial literacy, health, goals, relationships, and community. This is a safe place in which you can express yourself as a Wild Woman among other Fierce Females that will likely become your Tribe for life. We will dance, meditate, journal, and talk, all the while blossoming, reigniting, and possibly even reinventing our sense of self.

About the SOPHIA Dandelion SEEDs Program

Once established, Honey of the Hive‘s SOPHIA Dandelion SEEDs program will accept up to 24 adult women for three months of weekly classes. The inaugural program at Honey of the Hive will take place January-March 2018. Here’s what ladies can expect:

Plan! (Opportunity, Inspiration, Actualization)
At the beginning of the program, each woman will be asked to identify one goal that they would like to accomplish by the end of the three months. In the end, we will evaluate our progress and celebrate our successes.

Dance! (Sisterhood, Play, Health, Inspiration)
Belly dance is a healing art for social change, as it teaches us a great deal about our bodies including body awareness, anatomy, posture, and self-care! Each hour-long class begins with a dance lesson featuring a cardio-building practicum, then technical instruction with a detailed breakdown of each movement, and finally a cool down. Participants are taught the elements of American Tribal Style®, a modern style of dance developed in the United States whose rich vocabulary, music, and costuming is inspired by the regions of North Africa, the Middle East, India and Spain. We believe that the strongest form of political activism for women is to love their own bodies, and this body-positive group dance greatly enhances teamwork, leadership, and communication skills as it boosts self-esteem, confidence, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Plus, it is a whole lot of FUN!!!

Dream & Reflect! (Health, Opportunity, Inspiration)
Meditation is a powerful tool which helps us to ground and center ourselves. We’ll experiment with different forms of meditation, a powerful tool that helps us to ground and center, before spending a short while journaling based on writing prompts that encourage us to think about a variety of topics such as the self, community, women’s health, personal goals, money, and belly dance.

Share! (Sisterhood, Opportunity, Play, Health, Inspiration, Actualization)
Talking circles create a safe space for women to open up to each other about their thoughts and dreams and to receive validation from their peers. Being seen, heard, and recognized is vital to one’s emotional health, and live face time is priceless in this day of hectic schedules. Matters discussed within the talking circle stay in the talking circle, and every woman is given a voice.

Participants will also be invited to share their newly-found dance language at Student Salons (student performances). This is a great opportunity for family and friends to see what the women are learning. Performing is also a huge rite of passage in the belly dance world, one which has numerous benefits including boosting confidence and body image, bonding with other dancers and appreciating their skill and beauty, and much more!

​What’s next?

Women are invited to participate in the SOPHIA SEEDs program over and over again in order to cultivate Sisterhood, Opportunity, Play, Health, Inspiration, and Actualization within themselves and in their community.